SENSE OF PLACE BRESLAU-WROCLAWVirtually shared relationship between the forgone and the new

The work was inspired by the past and present cultural identities of Wroclaw, the project “A Sense of Place” is an immersive and interactive artwork. In the project, the representation of heritage as syntheses takes place as an expression and as a mediation of the concept of a virtually shared relationship between the forgone “German City Breslau” and the present Polish City of Wroclaw in an attempt to synthesize the dimensions of past and present into a single sense of place.  Having to deal with diverse points in time and the interplay between historical and contemporary place with its collective and individual identities can only be overcome and manifest as an artwork through the aid of technology, which allows for the representation of past time by projecting into it onto the virtual space of the present. The installation therefore makes use of virtual three-dimensional objects placed in real space through exploring the possibilities of geo-tagged images, which are made visible to all through the use of an Augmented Reality applications now in common use with the mobile communications technologies of today.
THE COMING OF THE 4th DIMENSIONAugmented Reality with a sense of Science fiction

If everything that ever existed in a specific place became stuck in time, we would be able to see all points in time in a single glance. Applied to the creation of a single artwork that would depict timelessness, the process would demand that all dimensions in time be depicted simultaneously and that the only singular cohesive principle in the work would be the experience of infinity. Working in AR, the virtual artwork “The Coming of the Tralfamadorians ” creates a setting that is unstuck in time and in which the viewer can transgress  and experience a sense of place that is meshed into the present and simultaneously witness a multitude of possible futures as flying objects reminiscent of unearthly visitors  come and go through an infinite loop of day and night, and of fare and near made viewable by the looking glass of the 21st century - the smart phone.


Exploring Augmented Reality and nature

The Augmented Reality project “We AR Butterflies” is not only an artwork for everyone, it is one that is made by everyone, because the artwork seen is the results of a hands on workshop for people of any age, which teaches them how to transform themselves using a process of creative metamorphosis into colorful butterflies. The art of making butterflies is simple and is accomplished with using post-its, a mobile phone and some computer magic. The process is one of transformation and begins by using simple post-its of various colors, which are placed onto the face to mimic the patterns of colors on the wings of a butterfly.  Once the post-its are in place and the effect is a convincing artistic metamorphosis from human into a butterfly, a selfie images is made with a mobile phone, which is then used as a texture on a 3D virtual butterfly’s wings that is created in Augmented Reality. In the end, all of the 3D virtual butterflies  created in the workshop, flutter through out the museum and can be seen by using a dedicated application on any mobile phone or tablet device.